Feeder/Waterer Suggestions


9 Years
Jul 19, 2010
Right now I just use clay bowl-like things to feed and water my 2 chickens. However, they are very fond of stepping inside the bowl of feed and kicking the food about. Do you have any suggestions for small-scale feeders and waterers?
You could put the waterer/feeder on concrete blocks or bricks so that they are off the ground. That would help avoid some dirtying of the water/feed. There are other ideas for making your own feeder/waterers (such as waterers using chicken nipples) on BYC, but I haven't made my own. Just do a little search and I am sure you will find a lot of DIY ideas.
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This is what I do- a fortex black rubber tub under a 12 lb galvanized feeder (not even hung these days, just resting inside the dish). It almost eliminates waste for me. Both from my feed store but I have seen them on amazon.


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