feeding adopted chick that we put under our broody hen

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cute chicks here

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Aug 21, 2011
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My Coop
My older hen was broody so we got her a day old and slipped it under her after dark. She has been keeping it warm and safe for 3 days now but she hardly ever goes out to eat and I don't think the chick eats much either. I have food and water right near the nest box so they can easily get it. The mom only goes down to the lower feeder once a day that I know of. The chick and mom still act Healthy though. I have seen the baby eatting alittle chick starter while the mom is out of the nest. How much do 4 day olds need to eat and drink.
Broody hens don't eat much if at all. And chicks don't eat for the first 72 hours because the yolk feeds them.

hope this helps.
shoot, it's four days old, i didn't read that part, sorry. If it's eating and drinking a little then it's fine.
Momma will start getting off the nest more and more now....she was just waiting for any stragglers to hatch. New chicks eat very little, they tend to spill a lot more than they eat! As long as it can physically get to the feed and water it should be fine.

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