feeding alfalfa cubes?


11 Years
Jan 23, 2009
Irwin, Pennsylvania (Pittsburg area)
I am feeding about 30 chickens FF. I mix by volume 4 parts laying pellets, 1 part scratch feed and a couple of hand fulls of alfalfa pellets (enough pellets to barely change the color of the FF).

I tried soaking alfalfa and serving it separate. No luck. But by hiding the alfalfa pellets in the FF, I am getting pretty orange yolks.


Jan 24, 2020
Thanks everyone! I think I'll skip the alfalfa!
Just food for thought here. We have about 100 chickens. I supplement their feed with alfalfa cubes that I crush up in the blender. Alfalfa contains a minimum of 18% protein, which is good for them. The food that we use is 17%, and during the winter, I put some cracked corn in there for added protection against the cold. Our ladies absolutely LOVE the alfalfa, so they gobble it up right with the PAYBACK layer pellet, corn, and rolled barley mix. For my part in this "love" triangle", we CONSISTENTLY receive about 8 dozen eggs every single day. We raise RED and BLACK STAR hens, so they are constantly throwing Large, Extra Large, AND JUMBO eggs. Just my humble opinion but, if I were you, I would definitely go the extra mile for your ladies.
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