feeding eggshells


Feb 23, 2016
I have two golden comets that lay every single day. They are on layers crumbs and have free range in the garden. I also give peas and corn and feed them healthy treats like lean beef and scrambled eggs. I have been feeding eggshells back to them daily as I know creating eggs is a huge drain on calcium, and I'm diluting the crumb by giving other feed. I only feed them their own shells that I have sterilised in the oven. I have been doing this daily but wonder if it's too much. I read you can cause phosphorus imbalance. My girls are healthy and the eggs are hard shelled and perfect with no lumps, bumps or powder
I feed a flock raiser with eggshells on the side.

I'm not sure if you have to supplement calcium when you are using a layer feed because it already has calcium in it for layers. When I was feeding a layer feed I only gave them oyster shells or eggshells when they were having egg issues (which was only one time with a new layer).

I feel like we get better eggs feeding the flock raiser with the eggshells on the side. We have a mixed flock of roosters, hens, pullets, and ducks so feeding a food that incorporates them all is very helpful. Our new layers were having more difficulty laying eggs with the layer feed.
We fed eggshells for over a year with no problems at all. Yep, just a separate dish and they will only eat what they need. Just be sure to crush fine. Might save an extra step with baking . . . we just dried ours really good in a cupboard. Hope that helps! :)
thanks for the advice folks. I just crushed up about 10 shells and put it in with their oyster shell. They demolished the entire thing inside 2 minutes. WTH? And here was I worried they were getting too much. Maybe I will need a hammer and chisel to crack the eggs lol.

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