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Aug 6, 2014
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4 hens to be delivered in 2 weeks. They will be free rage. Whats the best feed to supplement the free range and is it as easy as tossing the feed on the ground. I want to keep food and water out of the coop during the night if possible.
Any good feed will do. If they are laying a layer would be best. While they can get most of the calcium they need out ranging, it is a good idea to make sure they have excess to calcium, either in the feed or a supplement like oyster shell. I would also use a feeder. That way if you find you have a problem with wild life eating the feed at night you can bring it in. Or look into a treadle feeder you can leave out.
You really should ask the people that you are getting them from what they are feeding now so as not to disrupt their regime that they're used to.
I only feed in feeders in my coop; since I quit spreading feed and treats outside of the run, predators and other unwanted visitors have been much less of a problem. Your birds should have access to layer feed and oyster shell all the time; they won't eat very much while they are ranging, but it should be out there for them. Mary

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