Feeding in an eglu


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May 2, 2015
Hi all, I've just recently started to keep hens and have an eglu coop. However do I need to make sure my hens have food and water available during the night just their doesn't seem and space to put food and water dishes
No, they will not eat or drink at night. Keeping the food outside the coop also discourages rats and mice. However, they will want to do both at dawn.
Thanks judy, it's just taken us an hour to get all 3 in lol hope tomorrow goes a bit better. and I've removed their food from the run to try and discourage rats and mice. All ready to go in tomorrow morning :)
How big is the Eglu? Usually, commercial coops won't comfortably hold nearly as many chickens as they advertise, and I know they make some pretty small Eglus.
The eglu is big enough for 3 medium size hens or 6 bantams, we've gone for the 3 medium size and they seem happy enough :)
I close the coop with the girls in it, lock them out of the nesting box and put the food in there for the night so predators don't come looking for it. My birds are fine and don't eat or drink during the night.

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