Feeding medicated feed to new ducklings ?'s


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I know there have been recent discussions on this and I know Amprol is safe for waterfowl. However I looked at my medicated feed bag label and Amprol is not listed, unless it is Bacitracin Methylene Disalicylate.

ETA- I finally found an article saying it was a Coccidiostat and also for Blackhead on turkeys...Would this still be safe for newly hatched ducklings ?
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I think you will find 2 definite sides to this issue, but from my understanding, neither Bactricin nor Amprolium are dangerous to ducks. That being said, I chose to raise mine on non-medicated feed. I didn't want to take any chances.
Well, I would also rather be safe than sorry. So I'll just pick up a bag of non-medicated in the morning.
it's fine, BMD is mainly a treatment for bacterial enteritis which is commonly accompanied by coccidia. It is not a sulfur based coccidiant, not really a true coccidiant either

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