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    May 10, 2010
    I have a 5 month old Americana and 7 other 6 week olds of various breeds. Right now I have a feeder with the chick starter feed in the coop and a large feeder of regular chicken pellets in the run. also in the moring I throw out some scratch grain and starter feed on the run for the chickens to peck at. Is this sufficient or shoud I put a feeder of starter feed in the run as well? I never see the small chickens go in the coop during the day so not sure they are eating correctly. Would it be best just to feed all the chickens including my older one the starter feed until my younger ones are 4 months.
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    The problem with feeding chick starter to older hens is that it's loaded with protiens to make the chicks bigger/stronger. An adult bird really doesn't need chick starter.

    I'd say at 6 weeks old your chicks should be able to switch to regular crumbles, or even pellets. I currently have 7 5 week old chicks in a cage in the hen house (just got them last Fri so they're getting used to everyone) and give them the same pellets everyone else gets as well as cracked corn. No one is having any problems - I have seen them take a pellet or two, then put it in the water dish so it gets softer so you could put a few pellets in the waterer as well....

    If you're worried about your chicks choking on pellets, get the crumbles or manually crumble the pellets yourself. Everyone should be fine!

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