Feeding: Mixing Gamebird with Layer

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    Nov 18, 2014
    After doing some research, I have decided to switch my flock from strictly layer to a mix of layer and game bird feed. The ratio is about 10:1 layer/gamebird. a.)My girls had a little too much calcium. (lots of eggs spotting) b.)I wanted to increase their protein a bit for the winter. c.)They LOVE, love the seed. I figured if they were going to eat it (and they will, their favorite activity is hanging around my wild bird feeders >_<) might as well give them seed that was intended more for food producing birds.

    My girls are free-range. I do not supplement with anything else. Obviously, they had been getting plenty of calcium. But having read some more on here, I am now worried the protein content of the game bird fee may be too high. Though, I suspect they're going to go straight for the seeds and ignore the pellets in favor of their usual crumbles anyway, so my worry is probably all for not.

    Has anyone else experimented with game bird feed recently? What should I watch for?

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    Lots of people here add gamebird food to the layer feed especially during molting season. If you have a layer feed of 16% and a gamebird feed of 24% and mix these two 50/50, you then have a protein level of 20%. This is not all that high. Some brands of Flock Raisers have a protein level of 20%. So as long as you don't go above 20%, I don't think it is a problem, especially if they are free ranging and are burning lots of calories. Just make sure to offer up oystershell on the side for those that may need more calcium.

    Enjoy your flock and we do welcome you to ours!
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    I add a variation of gamebird diet to my hens, roosters and Peacock. And I've been known to get lucky and purchase torn bags of wild bird seed to add variety to the diet. Mixing it up never hurts.

    (I get lost around here, too).
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