Feeding them-What not to do & what to watch out for.

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    Apr 3, 2011
    I got 3 hens at the age of 3 months. Kept them separate from the older ones for months and was feeding everyone the same thing. At age 6 months I turned all the hens out into the yard to free range and so they could all become acquainted. Everything seemed fine for the longest time up until a month ago when my youngest started showing signs of paralysis. I had no idea what I was dealing with and began to research. Finding Marek's Disease I though for sure this was it. Then her brood mate came down with paralysis and I'm going OMG! I finally made an appt to see the vet. Unfortunately the first hen had died that night. They sent the hen's body for a necropsy and these were the results:

    IT WAS NOT MAREK'S!! That's the good news. Results showed visceral renal gout and uric acid (this is what was causing their paralysis) http://www.lorikeets.com/gout.htm , high levels of Vitamin D and calcium and toxicum levels. Apparently we can only figure that their feed was the cause. I got them started on layer feed way too soon. I had no idea this would happen. I only wish now that I knew better and it would not have caused the lose of 2 little hens.

    I only hope this helps out any others that may be experiencing this problem or wondering what to feed those teenage chicks or when to get them started on layer feed. Good luck. Thanks.

    Another article on gout:

    To live, to learn, to live and learn.
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    That was a hard lesson - sorry you lost them. [​IMG] Yeah, I always switch to Flock Raiser when I add youngins' because I know they'll be trying to eat the layer feed. The Flock Raiser has higher protein anyhow, so I figure it's a nice boost for the layers - just set a dish of oyster shell out for them free choice.
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    A very sad lesson indeed. [​IMG] wow. You are lucky and should be glad its not Merak's disease bc you may have lost your entire flock. I would shift to medicated chick feed until at least 22 to 25 weeks of age. Best of luck [​IMG]
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    the medicated feed i use says to keep using for 18 weeks.

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