Feeding too much cabbage?


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Apr 8, 2014
I'm new here to BYC. I have 8 hens and 1 rooster. I feed them a combo of scratch, cracked corn, and laying crumbles. I have also gotten into the habit of feeding them cabbage everyday and now they get so excited and have come to expect it! Is it okay to feed them cabbage everyday along with their feed? They have eaten all things green from their large run (yard) so they have no more grass or anything green to eat.

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Anything is fine to feed them in moderation. My girls go absolutely nuts for cabbage too! Must make sure the treats only compromise about 10% of the diet. Only what they will clean up in 10 or 15 mins. The rest of the day they need to eat their layer feed. You can throw them some small treats also during the day, but keep it to a dull roar. They need to get their calcium and nutrients from the feed much of the day.

Enjoy your flock! Make yourself at home here on BYC and welcome to our flock!!
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Thank you! I think I AM over feeding cabbage! lol I give them one bag of shredded cabbage a day and then some days I hang a whole cored head of cabbage for them to peck and play with! It is gone in several hours but they seem to love it! They are so sweet and every time I go out there, they run to me expecting something. I'm a sucker for that! I'll try to cut them back!
Yes, that is a lot of cabbage! My girls eat it nearly every day, but it probably equates to one handful per bird. I would cut back in their addiction to cabbage. LOL
Thank you! Being a newbie, I've been overwhelmed with all the info on this site today! I'm headed to the treat link! :)
Okay--I went to the treat link and I read that Scratch is a treat for cold weather, not a complete feed. I thought it was all they really needed. I have been feeding mine an equal mix of cracked corn, scratch, and laying crumbles...and of course, the cabbage (which I will cut back on). Should I be feeding them something else in addition? I also give oyster shells about once a week.

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