Feeding your chickens corn stalks?


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Ok I fed the chickens a couple of corn stalks without thinking about it and they seemed to eat it but I was wondering was it not a good thing to do? They are 20 weeks and just started laying last Friday. I have 8 eggs so far. I was wondering if this could cause crop binding? ect? let it rip! (Oh I feed 2 stalks to 49 chickens) Thanks.
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Yes that is what I'm worried about. I know they grind up stalks for feed but I'm sure thats alot easier on the system than stringy corn stalks. What is the sign that they would be bound up and how do you remedy this?
Keep an eye on them because I lost my favorite hen to this. Feel their crops daily for the next few days. If you feel fluid, or if they seem "inflated" you need to take action. Hold the hens upside down, and get them to throw up. Before doing that, give them a little vegetable oil to loosen things up. If that doesn't help, you might need to perform surgery, but it's too early to worry about all that. Really, they'll probably be fine.
Thanks I am pulling out the rest of the stalks not eaten as they did seem to not like them as much. I didn't even think when I did it. I have given them grass cuttings ect. but much less stringy to deal with.
You could use the lawn mower to mow over the stalks before feeding it to them, I would think. It's the long pieces that cause the problem from what I hear.
I toss them my stalks, but mine free range and my soil is perfect for them to get natural grit. I have yet to have any issues with crop impaction. What ever staulks they don't eat by the end of the day, I give to my goats.
I fed mine fresh chopped corn silage for like 2 weeks straight. I'd make big piles of it in my yard and they'd scratch through it for days. They loved it.

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