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    Jan 22, 2014
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    My hens are laying. I'm feeding them laying pellets and some green from salads and come corn on the cob ever couple of days if I remember. But what I'm needing to know how much of the pellets do I feed per chicken? I have 5.
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    I use a gravity type feeder, fill it, and let them eat what they need. When it is available all the time they don't tend to overeat, and it saves you having to measure it out and make adjustments when you lose one or add more.
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    I do the same as HEChicken.

    Just filled it up with so many scoops until I saw that they left some by morning, so they always have something to eat. Now I know they need 2 scoops of flockraiser (about 2 lbs for 10 chooks) every morning and I also give them about 1 lb of mixed grain scratch late afternoon.

    If I feed kitchen scraps or fodder or something else I happen to have, they just eat less of the regular feed.

    If you are feeding more than you think they should be eating, make certain you're not feeding something else, like mice or rats or wild birds.

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