Female duck with an eye problem

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  1. My duck has what appears to be swollen tissue in her eye socket. I haven't had ducks long (year) and never had a problem till now.
    When you see her the head lt looks misshapen on top because of this. I checked her closely and her eye itself looks fine. She can see because
    she blinks at my finger. It looks like the surrounding tissue around the eye is swollen. Any ideas?

    I can get photos if they are needed.

    *Edit* Since nobody responded as usual with my help posts here I gave her a shot of Tylan and some
    neosporin in the eye and hope for the best. I'll be out of town sadly for a few days and nothing I can do right now.
    I was hoping to get an answer early as my flight leaves in two hours.
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    Sorry that no one replied to your post before. Are you keeping her in quarantine? Make sure you separate her from your others. Sorry to hear. [​IMG]
  3. She has a severe eye infection. I found through a local poultry group. The lady said to get a strong terramycin ointment from the local vet and the
    Tylan was ok. Anyway I'm going to keep with that group and ask Nifty to delete my profile from this site since I've used it less and less this year
    because when I needed help nobody knew what was going on or I was unpopular here or smelled funny or something.

    Thanks for responding ChickLover98. [​IMG]

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