Fence Height


Mar 28, 2018

We currently have a total of 14 chickens which include Sulmtaler's, Bielefelder's, and 1 Barred Rock. We are trying to figure out what height fence we should install around the chicken coop.

Some say Sulmtaler's are fliers but I couldn't find any such info about the Bielefelder's.

I have an outer fence that is 2' tall and they never try to go over it because the grass is greener on the inside. In other words if it's more interesting inside the fence they won't want to go outside the fence otherwise as stated above standup height + cover...

I have 8 feet tall fences generally when containment is a must but I have had breeds get over that. My bantams have netting over the tops of their runs because I have seen bantams easily clear an 8 feet fence. With the breeds you have I would think 6 ft is high enough but if you can't risk breaking containment I would cover the top with netting to be on the safe side. If them getting out a few times is no big deal skip the netting until they prove they can fly out.

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