Fence Run Question


Jun 12, 2022
Bedford Va.
Would a dog lot/fence work for a run. Seems like it would be as good as putting post it the ground and way faster. Just wondering about the chain link hole size? And height?
Lots of people use them for runs. A hardware cloth apron and up the sides a couple feet would stop digging critters and ones that reach in...


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It is what we started with. Got it from a hardware store that was redoing their back alley. Six feet tall, a gate, it worked real well for us. As written above, easy to expand. It is nice to be able to have them outside before they can really free range, then use it for the coop at night.
to keep chicks in, yes, you need to line it with smaller stuff, but inexpensive choices can be found-use a plastic net attached to the inside.

We have to attach a small mesh around the gate too-there is a big enough gap on either side that a smaller chicken or chick can escape. We use a heavier plastic garden net for this area since it is in motion when we use the gate.

We used an existing dog run that was behind the barn. However, for some reason, half the run was 6 ft fence, the other half is 3 or 4 ft fence. So, to keep the girls in the run, we have added the heavy duty deer netting to extend the fence taller. They are locked in their coop at night as the tun isn’t yet predator proof.

We plan to replace the chain link eventually, but it does work well

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