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Mar 4, 2018
We turned our old shed into a coop and built an attached run. The run is 12ftx8ftx5ft. We used leftover 2in x 4in fencing from another fencing project . But now that it is up it looks like just about anything other than large predators can get in there. The fencing is on all sides, the top and covering the windows. Any recommendations on what I can do to keep things like snakes and weasels out?
Hardware cloth...with small "holes."
Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 7.34.06 PM.png
X2 (an upvote) Hardware cloth is invaluable for uparmoring the coop! I do not worry about my run but I have a predator savvy breed. They have oodles of cover on the property and no roaming 4 leggers threaten them during the day. If I had roaming 4 leggers well mine can fly into the trees or on to the roof of the house I still wouldn't worry about them. For me I need them safe only at night(Yes KikisGirls) when they are vulnerable to anything.
I would choose cheapest at that point. Also for working with securing Hardware cloth. Spend the 20 bucks at HArbor Freight for their cheapie AC powered angle grinder and the discs to cut the cloth. Trying to use 40 dollar tinsnips from Home Depot will just leave you bloodied and cursing with sore muscles. Also I prefered the 1x4 just screwed in over the top vs large washers method as it was both faster and cheaper securing it.
Honestly it's your call. People go between free range with little to no protection to constructing Fort Knox with a concrete slab and hardware cloth and anything in between. My run construction fortifies against the most common/likely predators in my area (coyotes, dogs, hawks) with 2x4 welded wire but would fall short if a misplaced weasel or raccoon showed up.
And how valuable are your chickens to you. Is it a $200 rare breeding stock that is the source of your income? Will your 5 year old child be inconsolable if something happens? Are they meat birds you will butcher anyway? Beloved pets? Simply livestock for production? Everyone has different relationships and expectations from their chickens.

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