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May 22, 2011
I'm looking for the simplest way to fence the run for my new chickens and would love some advice.

coop-and-fence by Meredithfp, on Flickr

This pic shows the coop which is next to the side of my house. The run goes along the side of my house. It has the house on one side and a 5 foot fence on two sides. I'm looking to create the side of the fence that is closest to the camera in this photo. We're in a pretty urban environment and the coop is inside my fenced backyard. I'm trying to figure out if a 5 foot fence around the run is enough if I'm keeping them inside the coop at night anyway. I'm also wondering what would be the easiest fencing/gate option for a pretty inept do-it-yourselfer like me.

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Well - there is always the dog run option. There is always someone getting rid of one on Craigslist or your local classifieds. It is easy to put a roof on them too.
I agree that dog kennel panels would make a great fence for you. Looks like your coop is tall enough so that the panels could bolt right onto edges of it. Gate panel would work right there as you step off deck and enter pen.

Then a simple netting over the top attached with zip ties works best. New pens on sale for 220.00 or so but I have some up that are over 5 years old and still look good. Well worth the investment and no more having to repair of tighten up your fencing!

I landscaped around mine to help it blend in. Looks like you have a nice shady area for them and plenty of landscape to help soften the look of the panels. good luck on your decision.
Great! Thanks for the advice! Are we thinking that they'll be pretty safe from predators with this set-up? Today I heard a big bird fly over and I went out right away to check on them. I'm a little nervous, I guess. I'll look into the netting ASAP.
They will not be safe in there at night - you still have to put them in the coop at night.

Raccoons can get through netting. The netting is for keeping chickens in and for keeping hawks out during the day. Also if you have cats that might try reaching in through panels then you have to put some additional hardware cloth 2 feet high around whole bottom (You put it on outside if you want your run door to open in, or on the inside if you want your door to open out, and you just step over it.) this keeps the chickens from sticking their heads out and getting them bitten off as well.
I looks like you have a lot of good cover there for the birds, but emys said, you'll need to shut them inside each night. Nighttime predators will go right through netting material (as well as mos chicken wire)...
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