Fertile egg from standard hen and bantam rooster!!!

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  1. Well, I put 9 Silkie eggs, and 1 egg from a Aracuna, and bantam rooster, under my broody Silkie hen. I candled them yesterday, and all are fertile, even the large hen/ bantam rooster eggs.

    I thought that bantams and standards couldnt mate. Interesting! So I wonder what the chick will look like.

    They are due to hatch on July 22nd.
  2. Tuffoldhen

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    Jan 30, 2007
    Oh those wittle bantam fellows can mate with the big girls!! [​IMG]
  3. The roosters that mate with her and are in her pen are Silver Sebrights, Bantam Barred Cochin, and a old english that has the colors of a crele old english.
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    I've had it happen. [​IMG] I hatched out a suprise from either a standard sized brown egg or a green/blue egg (my bet is on the brown egg). I have barred rocks, a rir, and a buff orpington that lay brown eggs. The baby that hatched was feather footed! Which means my black cochin or black frizzle cochin rooster got lucky with one of the big girls! lol [​IMG]

    It was funny, I did a complete double take when I saw that chick in the incubator!
  5. Quote:Lol. Thats cute. I hope the chick is from the Barred Cochin rooster. I would love for it to have feathered feet. I also hope its a female. Lol. I dont need any more roosters.

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