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    I have been filling my incubator with eggs from young pullets who just started laying. All these pullets were in breeding pens with a rooster. None of their eggs have development after 7 days. I always check the eggs at three days and even though I didn't see any veins I left them in. I just cracked them open to check for fertilization and all of them were definitely fertile.
    Why would they not be developing? Because they are the pullets first eggs??
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    Pullet eggs should develop. I am not an expert but I have read that a few times.

    Maybe it's he temp? If the incubators thermostat is off you might not be in the right temp zone. Take a different thermometer and check it with a glass of ice water. If it shows 32 degrees then you know it's dead on, if it is higher or lower you know to add or subtract that much for accuracy. Then put it in the bator on top of the eggs and see what you get.

    I can't think of anything else, other than maybe your roo has a fertility problem. :/

    Good luck. Hope it's just the bator, that's an easy fix.
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    Pullet eggs will hatch. Matter of fact, i just had 11 of 12 SPR eggs to hatch yesterday. Either your temp is not correct, the eggs are not fertile, a medication or infection killed the embryo, human error...such as constant tampering is probably the problem.
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    I realize I could have put much more info in my first post. I have been hatching out bantam EE's in the same incubator for weeks now and still have some hatching. One hatched yesterday. So I know the temp is on. The eggs that are not developing are from Thai pullets and I have been putting eggs in there from their mother as well and those are developing. I have hatched chicks from this same rooster many times. It is just the pullet eggs that are not developing. I don't handle the eggs much at all, I just take them from the nest box to the incubator.
    Total bummer cause the Thai pullets are beautiful and I really wanted to get more from them soon.
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    You say they are pullets, not hens, so maybe they are simply too young to have high fertility rates. Hens usually don't reach their peak til they're between 8-12 months old. Another guess is to check the humidity levels with a hygrometer and adjust accordingly, not just focus on temperature alone. Also I think it would be difficult to see fertility at only 3 days into incubation. I'd try checking at 7, 14 and 19 days.
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    I keep three different types of thermometers and a hygrometer in the incubator. At three days if they are good eggs you can see veins forming on the inside of the shells. But normally if I don't see the veins on day three I leave the eggs in the incubator and check again at day seven. Then if still no development I crack them open to check for fertility.
    I'm hoping you are right and it is just the age issue.. .
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