fertile eggs


11 Years
Oct 14, 2008
Central Indiana
When cracking open a goose egg, can you tell if it was fertile the same was you do a chicken egg? Is there a "bullseye?"

My Pilgrim girl started laying this week. 6 eggs. Not ready for her to try to raise a clutch but I am wondering if the eggs are even fertile.

Also, what have you found to be the best use for goose eggs? Should I save them for baked goods or do they make nice omelets?
She is laying? That's great! You should be able to see a bullseye if the egg is fertile, or you could just stick them in the incubator and see what happens

I have no idea how you would supplement a goose egg for chicken eggs in baking, though I'm sure many people do. It would have to be a recipe that calls for a LOT of eggs, like a quiche

You could always send them to me, as a test hatch
I would take good care of them
I think that was me and what I actually wote was that MY goose egg weighed just over 5 ounces and the standard Large chicken egg was 2 ounces so I would sub 1 goose egg+1oz water to replace 3 chicken eggs (Worked for me)

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