Fertile or Not Fertile Eggs?


Nov 7, 2019
Thoughts? Each photo is a different egg. Please let me know your thoughts. I think they are between 8-11 days...


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4 times a day...how old would you guess they are? This is the incubator I made...i now have a new thermometer in there that has humidity as well and it is more reliable.


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There is the problem I was looking for, the veins all look"stuck" to one side of the egg, that's most likely because you are turning an even amount of times, the same side is laying down every night, this can end up damaging the embryo if it's not corrected, you should start turning an odd number of times each day, 3 or 5 would be good, that way a different side is laying down each night, make sense?

I'd say around day five-seven.
Oh ok! I only had them one night so I will start doing 3 to 5! Great idea and totally makes sense! Another problem also was the poor things were probably not turned for two days maybe 3 bc mama abandoned them. I can’t be sure if she rotated them or not bc she does still sleep in the box with them but wasn’t sitting on them for most of the day for about 2-3days. Then I just jumped in. Hopefully in time?!
How many days do you think it will be for me to be able to see some positive changes if it works? And thank you!!!!
A couple of days maybe.
So this is my concern....last time I candled them when she was brooding and sitting on them regularly they looked like this and that was on May 26th...should they have grown way more since then? That’s what I’m afraid of...


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I understand your concern, I think we'll just have to wait a few more days, and if the eggs don't appear to be developing any further we can go ahead and say they quit.

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