Fertilized eggs - If I refrigerate them ASAP...

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    If I refrigerate the egss ASAP, then nothing happens, correct? Sorry for such an uneducated question, but I am curious
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  2. chickenshagg

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    An egg has to be incubated in order to develope into a chicken. Even if you do not refridgerate a fertilized egg it still will not start developing unless it is being incubated either by a hen sitting on it or it being put into an incubator to be warmed to 98+ degrees.
  3. The correct answer to your question is that the internal temperature of the egg has to reach 99.5 degrees and pretty much stay that way for 24 hours before fertilization begins. Even if you DONT refridgerate them, nothing will happen, even if you leave them at room temperature for a week.
  4. Stephanie-n-Hayden

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    We eat our eggs fertilized or not. As long as you do not allow the hens to sit on them for more than 24 hours, then you can eat them.

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