fertilized hens


6 Years
Aug 28, 2013
Could someone tell how long does a hen stay fertilized?? I want some black sex links, but the barred rock hens can out of a pen with barred rock roos. Now the BR hens are with 2 RIR roos. When can I put the eggs in the ole' bator to assure that I get Black Sex links instead of some "barredblacksexrocklinked" mixture??
Not sure though I think its over 3 weeks but really I think you need to hatch them just cause they would be such a cool named breed lol
There is some evidence that the new matings quickly suppress the old matings. Last one in, first one out theory. To be sure, allow the new matings to occur for awhile. Personally, I'd wait two full weeks to insure that the eggs being laid have been fertilized by the Red rooster so that you get the BSLs that you desire.

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