Fertilizer and chickens, not chickens for fertilizer

Carols Clucks

9 Years
Oct 13, 2010
I have been cleaning out my dad's old garage. He used to be landscape gardener and did some commercial work.

He had 2 bags each of some kind of powder fertilizer, one yellow that you can smell sulphur & is in hard clumps and one white fine powder. I plan on taking them to HazMat since they have no labels and I have no idea how to use them. But just in case this is something good for veggies and safe around chickens. I thought I would ask if any one has any ideas? He had a pair of spreaders too. I have a good 200+ pounds of the stuff. All with labels that have vanished over time and dampness.

He did a lot of work with trying to change our soil back in the day, he was an early organic gardener (60's), used commercial fertilizer but not pesticides.

So...any guesses treasure or hazmat...lol
The fine white powder would most likely be Bone Meal.

The yellow bag would be sulher powder.

Of course, just my guess.
Like I said, my dad was trying to change the soil composition. He did a lot of work and writing on the subject. And managed to get much of the hard clay in the garden become plantable using elements to change the ground. People used to come to him to learn out to change their soil. He did use commercial fertilizer to change it because in the 60's and 70's there was no "organic" lines of fertilizer. He also consulted at several estates www.lotusland.org (Montecito like where Oprah has a place)

He passed at 93 about 3 years ago.

He bought and kept these for some reason, just was hoping to see if anyone had an idea what the chemicals might be.

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