Fertilizers and Non-Range-Free Chickens


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Jun 10, 2012
long island, ny
Got a quote on a spring yard clean-up from our lawn care service (thinking: mower & manual weeding, not Chemlawn) and one of the things he listed on the estimate was fertilizer. Knowing we have chickens, he listed organic fertilizer. Now, our hens don't free range--- they have a grand ol' time in a 10x10 kennel that was built around their coop. However, should I be concerned? Should I specify the brand of fertilizer he's using? Should I give him a fertilizer-free radius (i.e. not within 20' of the chickens)? We have a lovely yard with flowering plants, shrubs, fruits, etc... want to take care of it but also do right by the girls (and our health, too).

I appreciate everyone's thoughts!

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