Fertlle eggs/Chick Wish list...where to get the following.

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    Hello everyone,

    With my new beginning of being able to start raising chickens again due to moving to a place that does allow chickens, I am hoping to start raising some chicks in the near future.

    Before moving out of Florida and finally settling in a good location in NJ, I had sex links, Easter eggers, leghorns, and Pekin Ducks. They all found proper homes in Florida.

    I always wanted to raise some Purebred Ameraucanas, but I am hoping to raise more than one breed this time. The following are what I would like to add, and I would greatly appreciate any suggestions as to who I might be able to contact that might have fertile eggs or chicks for sale.

    1. Wheaten, Blue Wheaten and/or white Ameraucanas

    2. Colloncas- I have been looking for these for a long time.

    3. White leghorns or a comparable breed that is outstanding in producing allot of eggs per year.

    I appreciate your suggestions, ideas and comments.

    Thank you all.

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