FF in hot environment


Mar 22, 2022
We've been fermenting our feed and our girls absolutely LOVE it! They come running when it's feed time.

My issue is that we really don't have room in our home for it so we've been keeping the buckets in the garage. Do I need to be concerned about the hot outside environment where we keep these buckets? Will it change or harm the process? Thanks!
All it does is speed the process. I can have FF in about 48 hours here in hot humid FL right now - for good or ill. If you WANT it to ferment, that's a good thing. If it got wet coming home from the feed store on the back of the trailer, its not.

Recommend either innoculating your batches with a desired starter (unflavored live yogurt, the "mother" from ACV, kombucha, etc), or maintaining a continuous ferment to help ensure the things fermenting your feed are of the desired varieties.
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We're in Central FL, we ferment outside under our covered pumpshed, inside a bucket with a lid, never in direct sun, ours is always fine each day. I'd say it would be totally fine in your garage.

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