Fifth Day In The Incubator...

Thats great news, well done.. Im on day three of my first ever hatch, husband got me an incubator for xmas
. I candled this morning and couldnt see anything at all
mine are shipped eggs too..someone did say to wait till day 7 so ill stop been inpatient and wait lol..
Hey there, I'm a newbie and I have 7 eggs in a homemade incubator. They are on day 2. This will be my first attempt at incubating and I have a question. The first night I put them in the bator the temp spiked to 106 f when I was asleep, I don't know for how long, but I'm afraid that all the eggs are now dead. My thermomete keeps track of the highs an the lows of the day, so that's how I knew it went to 106. Is there any way that the eggs are still viable?

Sorry about the thread-jack
Hope someone knows the answer, my temp in my brinsea 40 is at a steady 38.7 since day 1. Today it went up to 38.0 is this ok? I opend the air vent a touch and it went back to 38.7.. Also i candled an egg yesterday and i thought my husband was putting the lid back on cos he was right behind me, i candled the egg for about 1 min and noticed the lid was off! The temp dropped to 32.0
i hope there all ok.

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