Fill your incubator! 50+ eggs

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    Apr 10, 2009
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    We've got WAY too many eggs here. With 2 dozen in the fridge to eat, I think I can start sending some out for hatching [​IMG]

    So here's what you'll get:

    6+ BB Red OEGB
    5+ Brown eggs - I have black sex-link hens laying nicely colored brown eggs. Possible roosters are a HUGE RIR mix (biggest chicken I've ever seen!), BO, Blue LF cochin.
    4+ Light tan eggs with a pink tint - These are from my BO mixes. Same roosters from above. I've hatched some pure BO looking chicks from these.
    1+ Muscovy - I have blue/white, black/white, and khaki/white.
    25+ Coturnix - Texas A&M.
    9+ MF D'Uccle pure and mix. I have a pair of MF D'Uccles with a spash OEGB hen. Sometimes a couple of my mixed roosters (one is a frizzle) sneaks in. Because of that, I've hatched out some interesting colored D'Uccle mixes, that could easily pass as pures besides the weird colors. I also have a mottled Houdan hen in this pen, but she doesn't appear to be laying right now. If she does, I'll add them in too. No eggs are discriminated against!

    All of my chickens are free ranged for the most part. A few stay in a pen more than the others, but they all get the chance to wander around the yard. A lot of these eggs will be 'designers', but I've hatched a lot of my own eggs, and I've gotten nothing but beautiful egg-laying machines [​IMG] Especially those who hatch from the sex-links. Those girls hardly miss a day!

    Eggs will be bubble-wrapped with care and shipped in a large flat rate box.

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