Final hatch, a POOR one. :( *UPDATED* WITH PICS, YAY!

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My final hatch of this year was last night/this morning. I cannot believe how poorly it went.

I got 2 sultan bantams out of nine eggs & none of the six Light brahmas hatched.

Temps were steady & good and so was the humidity...but maybe the fertility rates were lower because of the time of year? I'm going to give the others a couple more days, then chuck them.
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Our hatch rates drop in the heat of summer but now that it has cooled off they are back up, even the call ducks started laying again. Maybe the geese will too.....
I purchased a total of 101 eggs - hubby "cooked" one batch by adjusting the temp while "trying to help". The rest incubated fine - candled out about a dozenat around 10 days, then hatched saturday. I now have 14 chicks. A few were fully formed, then died...3 died after pipping...some were earlier embryonic deaths....most didn't develope or were early deaths. 4 died after hatching including one that went splay legged.. WHAT am I doing wrong?? Even the game hen I had setting on 10 only hatched 4.

I feel your pain!! :mad::eek:
So sorry equibling! :aww I know that is disappointing...I have 3 little bantam eggs (out of 12) in the bator now and praying they make it!
Hang in there and keep trying...
I feel your pain too. I just posted in my 1 pip... Sept Swap... thread....but that's the only chick alive and hatched so far. Its almost like 2 separate hatches I have here- very early guineas and a mistaken chick, then these others set at the same time so different! Lost many others- you can read about that. Its sad, frustrating, and just about makes you give up...but then the hatching bug bites again. So I know we'll both be setting eggs again...maybe in the Spring...but its so addicting I know I can't stop b/c of eggs that don't hatch into fluffybutt chicks.
Take care, and don't get too down.

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