Final, probably, post on FLOYD the Rooster.

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  1. chloemama66

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    Mar 25, 2017
    With all my uncertainly and doubt I got sommuch support here - you have held my hand through the steps needed. We honestly thought we should have culled him after his attack. But just weeks later. LOOK WHO STOOD TODAY!!!! Not the best photos. He was sitting in his sling. He is wobbly and doesnt want to walk but he WILL be ok!! Now to get a new home for Jr asap
    < to see what floyd looked like just a few weeks ago search my name>


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  2. peaceisgreen

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    Mar 23, 2017
    amazing ive been lurking on your threads and i will admit i did not have the highest hopes for floyd but youve done an amazing job on rehabilitating him he certainly would not have made it without your help i love your set up by the way theres no doubt that made a huge difference! i would love to see him out walking with his hens again and im sure im not the only one so keep us updated and keep up the good work[​IMG]
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