Finally an egg

Weezy Laken

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6 Years
Sep 6, 2013
Rockford IL
got our first egg on Sat. a small egg. not sure which one is laying but have not had another one since. They are almost 21 weeks old and are Barred Rock. can't wait for them to be laying all the time. We are almost done with their new home a 10 x 10 shed that we are giving them half of for their home and the other half is for their feed and straw storage. Does anyone know when they usually lay their eggs? I know it should be in the morning but is that really true? The yolk on that egg was a very pretty yellow orange. not the sad light yellow of store eggs. so excited about this.
At about 2 years they should start laying eggs all of the time ? Are there combs red ?
Yes they are red and two of them have folded over. the rest have not gotten big enough to fold over yet. I have pics on my facebook but can't get them on here for some reason.
My oldest hen called My Lady is now laying daily. in the late morning/early afternoon. had one other lay one day. They will be 22 weeks old tomorrow. finished their new home and yard.

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