Finally, baby call ducks hatched!


13 Years
May 7, 2009
Hillsborough NC

I'm so proud, you would think I had been sitting on those eggs for 28 days. My first broody call duck finally hatched her eggs - 7 out of 12. I thought they were due about 5 days ago so I was off on my calculations and beginning to worry. Six are gray calls and one is a BEI - I slipped the egg in when she wasn't looking. Tigger is a great Mom, she's nipped my fingers a couple of times when I was providing fresh food and water. It's extra special to us since a little over a year ago, we hatched her in an incubator and had to help her out of the egg. It was touch and go for a few days, but she was a real fighter and grew up to be a pretty and sweet little duck.
They're so adorable! Congrats!
Thanks everyone - I think they are the cutest gray calls every - of course I could be just a little prejudiced.
I have another broody due in a week or so - then I'll be overrun with ducklings but it seems a bit easier with Mama duck taking care of them.

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