Finally! Dust Bath!

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by ClareScifi, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. ClareScifi

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    Mar 30, 2011
    My rooster, "Baby," turned 25 weeks old today. He has never been a bit interested in taking a dust bath in dust and sand. Only pine shavings would do, and he didn't care if they were old and soiled pine shavings.

    You see, he was raised indoors in my solarium, with very little dirt, other than that that was in the potted plants that he ate up.

    My outdoor chickens, girls all, have loved dust baths from the time they were tiny.

    So I was shocked just now to go out to the run and see my rooster enjoying his very first real dust bath with the girls! I am a Proud Mama, now that he has caught on. He seemed blissful and didn't even come running for the fresh greens I had for him, which is highly unusual. It was as if he was in ecstasy.

    It appears my half white leghorn pullet, "Buttery" is the one who has taught him the joy of dust bathing! They were frolicking together...

    What a relief. I had feared "Baby" had a dirt hang-up of some kind, that maybe I had turned him into a Prissy Rooster. But I guess I need not have worried?
  2. AnimalLady123

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    Feb 8, 2012
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    25 weeks? WOW!!!!! If I were a chicken that hadn't had a dust bath in 25 weeks I think I would DIE!!! LOL!!
  3. GoldenSparrow

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    Mar 11, 2011
    One of my rooster took his first dust bath of the year today as well.
    I love watching them enjoy them selfs so much! [​IMG]

    I had a very special rooster named Baby. Funny name some people say for the king of the coop. but I am so sure your roos name fits him, just as it fit my boy.
  4. chickpix

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    May 14, 2010
    great watching them, but don't like the holes they make in my yard lol
  5. ClareScifi

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    Mar 30, 2011
    LOL, yes, you hear of little boys not wanting to take baths, but my Baby takes the cake!

    So fun to hear of another roo named "Baby," too! What breed was he? My boy is a Golden-Laced Blue EE, I think. That's what he looks like, but he could be anything. He's so sweet I'm thinking his gold feathers may be Buff Orpington.

    To celebrate the bath and the first day of spring, I'm making fresh homemade angel food cupcakes. I accidentally tipped in extra almond extract, so they should be really good!

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