Finally getting some respect from my chicks!


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Apr 27, 2012
A friend of mine who work from home has been incubating, hatching, and raising her chicks. Our sets of chicks are one week apart with mine being older. I was kind of sad that whenever my chicks saw me they would run to the other side of the pen and hated being touched or picked up. We can't bring them inside because of our indoor cats, so I would only get a few hours here and there with my chicks. My friend said my birds will probably never be friendly with me since I can't spend all day with them and they never imprinted on me so the most I can hope for is them not pecking me when I'm cleaning the coop out. I was pretty bummed, but love the triplets so just went with it. I even tried the holding their food in my hand trick but they kept their distance.

Everything changed once I started feeding them mealworms. Now they peep and run at me whenever I walk into the room, constantly are trying to climb my arms, hands, legs, or whatever is available. Que loves to hang out on my shoulder (which I let her do as often as she wants since when she gets older it will be tough). I finally feel like they like me even if it is begging for mealworms! My friend was very surprised when I told her about this new development because she didn't think it would ever happen. Anyway, I'm just super happy to have a happy bunch of girls!

I did find a picture I grabbed on my phone last week. They are even bigger and have feathers growing in. Que is turning very red on her breast and face. My husband thought she was a rooster because she was growing red feathers. I don't think it works that way.

From left to right is Spicy, Ori, and Que is hanging out on the plastic block. I did build them a mini roost this weekend which so far they like using for aerial attacks against one another, but aren't too keen to sleeping on it.
When I first got my chicks, they didn't want anything to do with me. I haven't even been able to give them very much treats, yet they are way more friendly now. I laid own on the grass, and within two minutes I had chickies on top of me and ducklings trying to eat my hair. I don't know what is so different this year. I have always loved chicks/chickens but it seems like whenever they get bigger, I don't want to hold them near as much. I just feed them. This year I cannot get enough of them, I can sit outside for hours just playing with and watching them.
I am just the opposite. I'm not much of a baby animal person. The youngest cat I will adopt has to be at least 8 months, so I wasn't thrilled about getting chicks. They are fun to play with, but I can't wait until I have some full-sized birds! I am getting excited to see what their true coloring will be.

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