Finally got my hens well.

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    As I posted last month, my hens ( I raised from day old) got upper respiratory infections. I first tried Duramycin-10 for ten days, no luck, then waited a week and tried it again, no luck. Then sulfate for a few days, no luck I also gave electrolytes. .After a month of hell, I finally gave them each one injection (1/2cc) per day for seven days of Tylan 50. It took about two days to see a little difference, then they slowly improved each day. I read many many articles and have come to the conclusion that all birds are carriers of these infections, period, and at some point in their lives you may have to treat them and not have to destroy the flock. I know many on this board don't agree with me and so be it. My hens had stopped laying, were coughing, wheezing, sneezing, nose discharge and had no pep. They were very sick. I'm so glad I didn't give up on them. I leave a light on till 10:00 pm and they are laying away big brown eggs. I did wait ten days to eat any eggs. Pharmaceutical companies say to wait ten days to eat eggs. I think that's for their protection. If I add to the flock, I may have to treat again if any stress arises. .Time will tell. I have no plans to sell or give any away. If I do, I will discuss what I have said here.You might want to contact a vet if your not sure what to do. One foot note. I'm not saying I won't have problems down the road, but for now they are acting like normal birds, laying and eating great and so far I'm pleased with the out come. So, I hope my experience will help. Franko
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    Good for you! Congrats on getting your birds well!

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