Finally got our first eggs


8 Years
Apr 28, 2011
South Central Montana
I know Lily our EE is responsible for the green, but not sure about the other two. They're pretty small, but I'm so excited they're starting to lay!

Mine just turned 24 weeks on Saturday....we have had a HOT summer so I think that had something to do with the delay...only our Production Red is laying - she gave us our second one today...our Barred Rock is showing signs (being really loud, looking red in the comb and wattles) but still runs when you try to pet not quite there yet. Our 2 New Hampshires are not showing signs yet...but we are thrilled to finally see eggs in the nest box!!
Mine are around 21-22 wks (not really sure) I've got 9 hens and so far only three have started laying. I'm pretty sure its the two barred rocks that are responsible for the brown ones. Their wattles & combs have really grown and turned really red the past few weeks. Although I did see my white jersey giant doing the squat yesterday.
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