Finally got some eggs.....


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Apr 10, 2015
Turkey Creek Lake, Wisner, La.
Had these two chickens now for over 5 weeks, when I bought them, the guy said they were laying, well, they didn't until last Fri, one is puttin out 1 egg a day, today the other one started so I expect to get 2 a day, glad I read this forum and saw how fussy the hens can be sometimes about moving, new digs, etc and they're doing just what you folks said, both laying in the same nest, we tried to introduce another hen a few days ago but that was a disaster, all of them freaked out for two days and the 2 old hens beat up the newbie big time, so we returned that one, I'll just keep what I got and be glad. My better half is kinda taken over the chicken chores so she signed up on this forum also.

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Mar 9, 2014
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Great news on the eggs!
Sorry your integration attempt did not go well - that does not, however, mean you have to resign yourself to only having the birds you have now. If/when you want to expand your flock, we can help you with some great advice on ways that can smooth the transition and may have helped make this attempt more successful.

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