Finally happened


8 Years
Aug 11, 2013
Yesterday when I went to shut the girls door there was a pile of newspaper on the floor I said "now that is weird how did that happen"

so I put the shredded paper back in the box and left this AM I went out and opened their door and took a look to see how many

boxes needed to be clean once again the one box was void of the shredded paper in the middle of the shavings of pine was a hole

with a little brown egg, Goldie our Brahma laid her first egg
. I'm pretty sure it was her for she was the one in the box

last night where the egg was found.

Now I know we are to start feeding her the lime and oyster shell stuff but the problem is Goldie is the only one laying the other

girls are not ready yet. Now what?

I think your question is “How do you feed a flock where some but not all are laying”. There are several different ways depending on actual flock make-up, but a standard way is to feed Grower, Starter, Flock Raiser, something like that which is low in calcium and offer oyster shell on the side. The ones that need the extra calcium for the egg shells should eat the oyster shell and the ones that don’t need it won’t eat enough to harm themselves.
Up date: This afternoon one of our black star laid her first egg her egg is very small I can put the egg in a table spoon and there is still room

on the sides the color is pale brown with little speckles. Ruby Cluck-Cluck got up on the water bucket and made her big announcement

for everyone in range and beyond.

Three chickens left to start laying their eggs.


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