Finally - I have updated pics (lots) of my flock - whatcha think?


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Mar 14, 2008
Front Royal, VA
Ok, we moved about 3 months ago, from Florida to Virginia. I have not posted any pics since then. So, here are my babies, growing fast!

Here is the whole lot of them, waiting for a snack:

This is the baby, Nikki, my buff brahma. She is so supper sweet, loves to cuddle, and purrs a lot. Unfortunetly, the older ones simply HATE her, and attack her so badly when I try to introduce them. She winds up cowering in a corner with her head burried, like an ostrich!

This is Brownie, my SS. She is the first to lay, but the smallest by far. Her eggs are teeny, about the size of my thumb, but boy is she consistant! The only problem is she refuses to use the nest boxes.

In the center is my blue cochin, Spidergirl. She has just started to lay regularly.

Next is my very handsome boy, Mr Priss, the birchen cochin. He got his name because I dubbed the first ever chick that I hatched after Miss Priss, and well, he wound up being a boy! He is a very sweet boy, and he watches his girls well. I think he is so nice looking!

Next up we have Beauty, my white cochin, and her sister, Beast, my white frizzle cochin. They are truely inseperable.


Next is my white Silkie, Beaker. We are fairly sure she is a girl, but not 100%. She doesn't lay, or crow, so we're waiting for the first egg!

Lastly are my 2 EE's. I have no idea what their coloring is called, but up first is Jesse. She was the first hatched, and was very feisty as a youngster!

And this is Moe. Moe had the cutest mohawk as a chick! She is extremely loving, and loves to be held. She is so sweet! Except to Nikki - in this pic she is taunting her!

Here she is in the doorway to the "coop" AKA the window into the garage.


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Jun 27, 2008
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Quote:Thats a great idea, go for it, I will post pics, with some names as I have 88 birds...the 50 warren browns I just call the "Fluffy Butts" but got names for the others.......

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