Finally joined having lurked for a while


5 Years
Aug 4, 2016
I joined today to seek advice for a poorly girl, but have been on here a fair bit reading and seeking advice. Such a great site!

I have 4 chickens - all hybrids - a barred rock (she's the poorly one), a silver link, a bluebell and a cheshire blue (who lays white eggs, and has a serious tendancy to broodiness!). I've had them since April, and already think of them as part of the family! (And already want more but my husband won't let me yet!) They have a run, with a gorgeous recycled plastic hen house, but tend to free-range in the garden most of the day.

Not sure what else to say to introduce myself!
Hi! Yes, I have received some helpful and encouraging advice and have tried some home treatment but I think I'll be off to the vet tomorrow.
Tandia, welcome to Backyard chickens - I hope you will update once she gets a check up, so we will know what is happening. I hope she will be fine.
Thanks for the welcome! We have a vets appointment at 5, but she seems much better today, so I'm hoping we won't need it. Just need to monitor if she starts eating.
and enjoy the site! Have much luck with your flock!
The vet wasn't hugely optimistic - she's had a prolapse, which is now getting better, but she hasn't been eating. She's had an antibiotic injection and we have to give her oral antibiotics for the next 7 days. I got the impression he didn't think she'd recover but she's having some corn now before bed, which makes me feel a bit more optimistic.

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