Finally!! Only 4 months late lol

kaylee gee

9 Years
Jul 5, 2012
I finally got an egg this morning! We haven't even started using the layers feed we just bought. I only just started making their nesting box nicer by adding nice fresh horse hay to it. Its brown of course, so I only know which chicken did *not* lay it haha! My Americauna girl should be coming of age in about 10 weeks or so, assuming she lays at all this year. Tomorrow she is 15 weeks. My other hens, cochins and a New Hampshire Red, both will lay brown eggs, so I suppose this means that Red is safe from the dinner table for now, in case it was her who laid the egg. I have never actually had a free-range egg before, and I have to tell you, even my 3 and 2 year old kids noticed the difference. It was sweeter, softer than store-bought eggs. The shell was nice and strong, but not so strong that it was hard to open. The perfect egg!

And, wonder upon wonder, there was another this morning! I have discovered the layer thereof... Of course it is the New Hampshire Red, the bully of the flock, so she will not be gracing the thanksgiving table after all...
Yay! Congratulations.
We have five hens and only two are laying so far. We're hoping that our three slacked hens will get going soon too.
Enjoy the fresh eggs.

Yes, hopefully both your three and my two will take the hint soon and begin laying as well!

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