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Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by gottalovemychickens, Nov 20, 2009.

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    That's great you have so many. May I sugggest that you edit the ad to remove the "all caps"? I've heard more than one person say they find it off-putting to read an ad that is in all caps. Also, I know that prices vary around the country depending on supply and demand but those prices seem really low. My chooks are not yet laying so I am buying eggs from a local guy who has free-range chickens. His price structure is $2.50 per doz but if I take my own egg cartons, he knocks 50c off and only charges me $2. If your base price is $2, have you factored in the egg cartons?
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    I agree with the all-caps remark above. May I suggest a small rewrite?

    Selling 'Country Fresh' chicken eggs for 2$/dozen and fresh duck eggs (great for baking and tasty giant omelets) at 3$/dozen.

    One taste and you'll see, my eggs are the best out there! We feed our chickens and ducks only the best all natural grains to give you the best quality eggs money can buy.

    Country Fresh chicken eggs
    $2/dozen or $3.75 for 2 dozen

    Fresh LARGE tasty duck eggs

    ** bring a used egg carton and get 25 cents off your order! **

    Please call Bryan at 720-236-7781 (Cell) or 303-646-0591 (Home)

    If you can, add a picture of a carton of eggs and maybe one of the hens and ducks. I've found that it really helps drive sales, esp on CL.​
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    Yes, get rid of the all capital letters. It doesn't bother me, but a lot of people are put off by it. i liked the previous post, sounded light and friendly for an advertisement.
    We've not had any luck selling eggs here at the house.[​IMG] We were selling to a restraunt til we figured out we werent getting our cartons back and found out the owner was "re-selling" our eggs!! [​IMG] She'll not get any more!! if she'd told me up front there'd be no problem. she let on all the eggs were being used at the restraunt.
    On the CL for our area there are several folks offering eggs for $1.00 a doz. At least we are getting $1.50 dz to our individual buyers. DH asked our local convience store today about eggs and he will take them for resale. so, $1.50 to him and knowing he'll up the price is upfront.
    Good luck on your selling!
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    Thanks very much for all the input , i have changed the ad and hope all works out !!

    My prices are way under what everyone else out here is selling for , so i think i have a good chance !!

    Also the prices of my eggs are including the price of cartons !

    I got 8000 cartons for free from a ex chicken farmer because he didnt need them anymore soooo, he gave them to me !!!
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    Wow, I sell my eggs for $4.00 a dz and I can't keep enough at the shop. The eggs in the grocery stores here are anywhere from $2.50 to $6.50. Unfortunately most of my girls are moulting and I only get 2 dz a week!
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    Wow, I live in Kansas where prices are certainly cheaper, and I'm getting $5 a dozen for my duck eggs. You might consider raising your prices just a bit. I have large breed ducks who eat a ton and make a LOT of mess, plus their eggs are huge, so I think they are worth more than the chicken eggs. Otherwise, nice ad!
    Here's mine if you are interested

    Edited to add the actual add. I'm such a dork!
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    Quote:If you've got the cartons... you should take the discount part out of your ad. No reason to be giving away money...

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