Finally Settled in in Southern Colorado- Sangre De Cristo Mt Range- Brought the farm cross country


8 Years
Mar 30, 2011
Sangre De Cristo Mountains , Colorado
we finally settled in here after a 3 day drive from florida with all of our pets- chickens , 2 ducks a peahen , a pot belly and a bunch of ankle biting dogs. we purchased our first home , an off grid cabin on 13 acres. the property came with a camper so we converted it into a bird palace. thankfully we got settled in before winter is creeping up. my husband has lived in RI ,Maine and upstate NY so he knows all about firewood , working the land ,running the woodstove etc , meanwhile , me and the floridian chickens are trying to get used to working wth frozen water , frozen fresh fruits and veggies , freezing nighttime temps haha all the while living off grid. we did convert the cabin to solar , with back up generator. also gravity fed showers & sinks from hauled water. we have the an antique woodstove and propane retrofit cast iron oven/stove top.also a backup propane heater. but for the most part we have no problems running our lights , chargers , computer/modem and stuff like that. we use an oldschool style ice box for refridgeration. its a nice lifestyle if you can work from home or not have to physically work on top of it. i have left my career behind and now have two online stores. we also have the option of eventually making money off of our land- already sold a couple cords of wood. all the while we work on the cabin everyday installing an entire bathroom walls and all , painting and all the fun stuff that i could never really get into while renting. would love to hear from some fellow coloradons , especially any tips for mt living with animals or anyone living off grid.
i will post some pics here in just a minute

a solar powered spotlight with heat sensor- goes off when i look out the window at the chicken coop lol

all windows have hardware cloth screening

camper was already somewhat gutted so we made seperate spaces for bad boys and bully girls. the peahen has the a large seperate area

a work in progress :)


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