finally someone else started laying!

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    Jul 5, 2012
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    We are officially getting two eggs a day now! Red (my New Hampshire Red hen) and one other hen have started laying. We will find out tomorrow whether or not that second hen is Littlefoot (Easter Egger) I suspect it is her, since the eggs have been pinkish. More on that in a minute! I have built her and her new hubby their own coop (I was given a Ameraucana roo the day before thanksgiving. his name is Dreadlock, since my son said "That chicken has really long hair!"). So we shall see if there is one egg in the big coop and one in the small coop, or if they are both in the big coop.

    Now, about the new eggs. I have found a pinkish-blueish egg yesterday morning, and this morning. It is much much lighter than the tan eggs i get from Red, and about 2/3 the size. However, when i wet it, it turns the same color as the ones I get from Red. After they dry, they go back to the same pinkish-blueish color. It kindof looks like someone dusted the eggs with a lightly colored powder.

    Would an egg from an EE turn tan when wet like that? Or if not, would my cochin hens lay a small colored egg that way?

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