Finally - The move may happen


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Jun 1, 2008
Malta, OH
I officially hate banks.

We have been working on the loan for out new mini farm for what seems like forever. One day the loan is going through, the next day they need new paperwork.

Due to being a FHA loan ( really who has the 30K to put down on a house) they sent an inspector. They wanted a step put in, a bannister put up, a building tore down, etc. Little old lady who currently owns that house has everything done but the building.

DH and friend when to tear down the building and found it was going to be more than they thought. They discussed it with the current home owner and we ended up splitting the price with her to get it torn down. I really like that building to begin with. It was an older looking shed, red metal roof and covere in flowering vines but the bank said it had to go... Moving on.

The loan people now want the property hooked up to city water. The property has been on well water since it was built with no issues. So now a little over $5000 later the city water will be hooked up soon..

What are they going to want next? A stool Sample?

Please let everything work out and us to be able to move soon. PLEASE
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UGH! I hate banks doing all the manlipulations on the terms of the loan. If you knew what you were getting into and can afford to do something to it, why should it be their business anyway? Looks like they want the house done tip top shape in case you fold on the loan and they don't ahve to do all the work themselves. UGH!
I slid through so many things by paying cash for the little (foreclosed) house I'm buying. Bought the house "as is" - which means any repairs and whatnot are not part of the sale process, as there is no loan approval.

Granted, I would never have been able to pay cash (or probably qualify for a mortgage!) if my sister had not died and made me the beneficiary on her Life Insurance policy AND her IRA.

But the bank which owns the property has already jacked me around more than sufficiently. Hope we actually close tomorrow (which has already been an extension)!

SO I totally, absolutely, definitely agree with you.

I know what you mean. The first house we paid cash for.

And then gutted and redid the whole thing
Much simplier than this whole thing.

I was starting to panic that it was not going to happen and I had already put in my notice at my job and was going to end up jobless and homeless. ( well not homeless but not in the new house yet)
Our settlement day should be yesterday, but they cancelled on us. And the worse part is, they are already in Holyday mode and all you get are their AM.
So we don't know what is going on..............................hope it works out BEFORE 3012

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