Finally, we have an egg. ???

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    Mar 11, 2014
    23-24 weeks and we find an egg on the ground in the coop. They won't go up to the top of the coop or nesting boxes. They all, 2roosters 2hens, stay on the ground below the roosting rods, boards and small logs. ??? They seem lazy or something.

    This afternoon they were very vocal. Think it was the warm weather. 70's today. While hanging out in their pen a hen laid two eggs on the ground that were very thin and busted immediately. Is this just juvenile stuff or what?

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    Pullet eggs are often not perfect, but mine have always been strong shelled. Make sure you feed them a good quality layer feed, or offer some calcium supplement such as crushed oystershell on the side. I find it curious that they are not roosting though. Mine would roost on anything, from a young age. How high off the floor of the coop are the roosts and what are you using as roosts?

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