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6 Years
Sep 8, 2013
After 30 years of being with my best friend (and Hubby) in your typical American neighborhood, 26 years of marriage, 2 kids in college, 3 little dogs, we have decided to sell (almost everything) and move to our hobby farm in the woods of northern MN., it's near the BWCA and there is plenty of water, woods and clean air. We will be living about 90% off grid. I am leaving a secure position with the state, AND... one of the very 1st things we will do in the spring of 2014- is to purchase some laying hens, we intend to turn an old sauna into the coop. There is an abundance of wild-life that we know we need to be aware of, raccoons, owls, fox, eagles wolf....we hope to get some good advice to protect the brood. As we embark on this new adventure, and wanted to join this site to get advice from the experts or you all who have walked on the path already, I thank you in advance.
I hope to get a blog up so our city dwelling friends and family can follow the adventure so we can show the progression. Peace and Light

Barbara and Bill~
my advice to you it to make sure that your coop is secure, and the run is covered. Also, use hardware cloth instead of chicken wire, almost any predator can go right through chicken wire. Hardware cloth is a very strong mesh wire that will keep your chickens safe. The Learning Center and the Coop section will be very helpful to you on your journey also. and good luck to you! And congrats on your new place, I would love to move out of an urban area one day.
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Welcome to BYC
X2 on Liz's advice. There is a sub-section in the Learning Centre, Chicken Predators & Pests, that will give you more info on the different critters and how to protect your flock, but hardware cloth would be an excellent start. Best of luck with the relocation and the huge change embarking on this adventure. I bet it's exiting and scary!
Thanks to you both! It is exciting and scary, yet the time we feel is now.
We have been the first in many decisions, and I guess we will learn as we go.
With all of the expert advice on this sight will really be a big help.

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