Coturnix Quail

5 Years
Jul 3, 2016
MAJOOOORRRRR PROBLEM!! My finches are not sitting on their eggs, so I decided I would incubate them. I have one of those yellow dome incubators. So how much should I set it to? (These are zebra finches) BUT I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO START? HELP PLEASE?! Thanks!!!
Look up the website "the splendid bourke bird blog". The lady that writes it is very helpful (and will happily answer emails) and has incubated gouldian finch eggs before. There's information on her blog about that and how to feed the little chicks etc. Good luck.
Are these Zebra finches or another kind? When i had finches years ago i kept two pair of society finches they are great for sitting and raising finches for any other species.They are a truly good investment if you plan on breeding finches.

Handfeeding a day old chick is really really hard so if you can find a finch breeder in your area who will mentor and show you how to do the day olds it would increase your chances of success

Good Luck

Thanks! I have zebra finches. For some reason they will not lay anymore. Like, just after i got the incubator, they stopped laying. Which is really annoying!! But, i still love them because they're colourful, cute smart, and playful birds.
How old are they? Are they proven for you? Or have they laid living babies in the past and have they raised those babies?

Have you raised day old chicks before? I ask as it is a task in itself keeping the temperature and humidity proper fpr both eggs and then for babies add to that doing the same for the chicks i have done it with a lovebird and they are larger and i had a mentor who guided me. I really think getting a pair of societies most finch breeders take that route as they are amazing at accepting eggs from many species as well as raising those babies
OK, thanks. They're about a year now I think. They've layer before and come close to hatching but they always either end up throwing the eggs out, or eating it. I've had experience with coturnix quails, but not something ever so small.

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